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I have been falsely and/or maliciously accused of spamming, what can I do?

False spam reports are not tolerated.

Users who file false reports will be banned from the SpamCop service and/or fined. However, in order to take action, we must see proof of wrongdoing.

Please use the link(s) included in the report in question to dispute it. All SpamCop reports include at least one issue-tracking link.

If you were forwarded a SpamCop report from your ISP without the link included, please contact the person who forwarded the report to you to dispute it.

If you are administrator of a system being blocked, please see:
How can I be delisted? (dispute resolution).

If you would like to pursue action with the user's internet provider, SpamCop reports include all the information you need to do so. IP address and datestamp of the complainant are included in the report. You can even feed a SpamCop report to SpamCop to determine the originating point.
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